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php if defined 'ABSPATH'' die 'Restricted' Area'' Plugin Name: Disable Yoast SEO Notifications Description: Hide annoying notifications after each upgrade of Yoast SEO plugin and others admin notices Version: 1.1 Author: Aurélien Denis Author URI: */ add_action('admin_init', 'wpc_disable_yoast_notifications' function' wpc_disable_yoast_notifications if is_plugin_active 'wordpress-seo/wp-seo.php'' remove_action 'admin_notices', array Yoast_Notification_Center get, display_notifications' remove_action 'all_admin_notices', array Yoast_Notification_Center get, display_notifications.' mu-yoast-seo-disable-notifications.php affichage brut. Vous ne devriez plus recevoir ce type dinformations comme illustré dans cette capture décran.: Nombreux sont les plugins qui affichent des informations de façon intrusive à mon goût. Partagez-vous cet avis? Par Aurélien Denis. Consultant Développeur WordPress WooCommerce.
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Yoast SEO Plugin - Two Things I Miss Search Commander, Inc.
Our Premium customers, who have access to a far better redirects-module, often ran into posts that were redirected while no redirect was set in the redirects-module. Having to manage redirects in a couple of different locations really is undoable. Well Ive got news for you Itis perfectly doable, and FAR more convenient to redirect from the page or post. Even the process in the paid version is a pain in the ass by comparison, since you have to click away from the page youre looking at to implement the change. What Else Might We Lose? Personally I, dont begrudge Yoast his well deserved opportunity to make money from his plug-ins, but I do feel like the premium version should be made better, as opposed to the free version getting watered down. I sure hope thats not the end game. What if he removed the ability to noindex a post? What if he removed the ability to specify the titles, descriptions images for the different social networks? Would that be enough? Or gasp what if he removes our ability to import your Yoast SEO settings preferences?
Document using Yoast Premium's' redirects instead of ours - Humanmade/Altis-Seo.
Document using Yoast Premium's' redirects instead of ours. jazzsequence created this issue on 2021-05-11 The issue is replied 2 times. If a Yoast license key exists, users can use Yoast SEO redirects instead of our own. We should document this.
301 Redirects In WordPress - The Complete Guide.
Price: $89 per year. Get Started with Yoast SEO Premium. Redirection is one of the most popular redirect managers for WordPress. One beautiful thing about this plugin is that its designed to be used on sites of all sizes, from those with just a couple of redirects to those with thousands.
En quoi le gestionnaire de redirection sur Yoast SEO est utile?
Le gestionnaire de redirection peut faire beaucoup plus de choses.Vous pouvez modifier en masse vos redirections existantes, par exemple, les modifier dun état 307 à un 301. Vous pouvez filtrer les redirections pour voir celles qui doivent être modifiées ou vous pouvez trouver une redirection spécifique sur un article et le changer en autre chose. Sintègre à Google Search Console. En combinaison avec la puissance deGoogleSearch Console, vous bénéficierez dune puissance de maintenance optimale à portée de main.Laissez Yoast SEO Premium accéder à votre compte Search Console et toutes les erreurs dexploration apparaîtront.Après cela, vous pouvez utiliser le gestionnaire de redirection pour créer des redirections de toutes les erreurs 404 instantanément.
Why We Stopped Using Yoast SEO - T-Time with Tillison.
These use UTM tags, which are a snippet of text you can attach to the end of a URL to track a source and campaign name. They also turn out to be parameters that, again, throw up errors when added to the end of your URLs with the redirect function in Yoast SEO.
Yoast Redirect Manager Use and Best Practices - Abhijit Panda.
Likewise, they can get regular website traffic from popular search engines using a slew of. June 17, 2020 Abhijit Panda. Advanced SEO Concepts On Page SEO Techniques WordPress SEO Plugin Comparison WordPress SEO Plugins 2020 WordPress SEO Tips Yoast Plugin Yoast Redirect Manager Yoast SEO Plugin Review.

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